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Planting trees with be-in

About be-in

be-in designs travel programs, wellness retreats, events, workshops combining a variety of body – spirit – mind therapies with the aim of inspiring communities through journeys of discovery, connection and self-development.

Well-being towards true happiness and enviromental sustainability are the spirits throughout the journey of be-in.

Core values


We have a lot of special days in a year, but haven't announced "Today is Today's Day". On this day, we don't think about yesterday, tomorrow, just think about today, think about here and now, which means they are present. in the present moment, be present for yourself and for the person next to you, for what you're doing. The journey to be-in is to practice "being present" with you, bringing you back to the present moment, being aware of yourself and what is going on around you so that you can understand yourself and build a profound life. Today is a magical day. The present moment, my presence is a miracle.


be-in designs hands-on activities, exploration, and time for you to better understand yourself, reconnect with your inner feelings, and find inspiration for a new journey. You have time to connect with nature and yourself, find peace in your life and peace of mind. The ability to listen and empathize is also nurtured here. Connection brings you closer to people, deep understanding and insight are the ingredients that make life quality and complete.


The wellness retreats, Forest Bathing and events are designed to balance time spent sightseeing, resting and practicing habits for a healthy lifestyle tailored to each individual's needs and conditions. You have time to share with your companions and also time to immerse yourself in a private relaxing space, embraced by nature. You will benefit from a holistic approach to nutrition, exercise and a mindful lifestyle, all you need to do is open your heart and be open to new things.


Taking care of your Body - Spirit - Mind

be-in designs wellness retreats, events for body – spirit – mind to help reconnect you with yourself and nature, with the goal of inspiring visitors through discovery, connection and development. Our program does not accept many people because the forest does not like too many people at once. Each retreat and workshop, we only hang out with 15 friends to help the forest not get tired, not have to deal with a lot of colorants from us. Part of the benefits of be-in services will be used to plant trees and regenerate forests. Not only will your mind bloom, but Mother Earth will also bloom!


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